Musical Theater Additional Info.


Through participation in theater games, exercises, and the rehearsal process of a short musical, campers will develop acting skills ranging from basics of how to navigate a stage and stage directions to finer points of character development, improvisation, and much more! Campers will each be met where they are at, encouraged to grow, and will be given all the support necessary to stage a show at the end of camp.

Vocal Music
In addition to acting, campers will learn basics of vocalizing and singing in order to perform original songs for the camp shows. Through group (and some individual) coaching, students will work on pitch, projection, and tone, as well as diction and breathing, which are skills that are also further developed through their acting.
Instrumental Music/Pit Band
  • Beginners: Children who do not play an instrument or have less experience learn their choice of recorder or violin.
  • Intermediate/Advanced: Children may play an instrument on which they have developed skills. By audition.

Please note: Keyboard (piano) is limited to advanced students. Contact Mr. Irving with any questions about the instrument your child will play.

In previous years, the Worcester Academy Performing Arts camp has also offered basic instruction on musical instruments. Since the pandemic and changes in our community have developed, however, the camp is longer able to offer instrumental instruction as part of our offerings.  
In addition to rehearsing the acting and music for their production, campers will use the times when the other show is rehearsing to develop backdrops and set dressing for their production, learning basics of painting, color theory, and stagecraft along the way.