Registration Information

Registration is completed online.

Notice of acceptance will be emailed upon registration.
Cancelation/Refund Procedure

Worcester Academy Summer Programs has a strict NO REFUND policy and no refunds (partial or full) will be issued under any circumstance.

To protect your registration payment in the event that you are unable to participate due to an injury, illness, transportation difficulty, or other covered reason, Vertical Insure strongly encourages you to consider purchasing Registration Cancellation Insurance. This will provide relief from the "No Refund Policy" by refunding your registration costs should an incident occur. Registration Cancellation Insurance has no deductible and the cost of insurance is a small percentage of the program fee. If you have any questions regarding this product, please reach out to [email protected]. Thank you for your continued support of Worcester Academy Summer Programs and we look forward to a healthy, successful camp.
Any child enrolled in one WA summer camp program at full price, will receive a 5% discount on all equal or lower priced additional programs. The Multi-Program discount will be applied for each additional program after the first program for each individual. Example if child one signs up for three programs they will get a multi-program discount off of program two and three (lower priced). Siblings of campers already enrolled in a WA Summer camp at full price will receive a 5% discount on one equal or lower priced programs. To receive our discount, applications must be submitted online or mailed together with brother/sister relationships indicated on the enrollment form. Siblings do not need to attend the same camp or same session to receive the discount. Discount applies to tuition portion only, not to the pre- and post- camp programs, T-shirts, instrument rentals, swim lessons, etc. Families can use both the sibling discount & multiple session discount. Cousins, nieces, nephews, or friends are ineligible for the sibling & family discount. *Registrations for sibling need to be completed at the same time in order for the discount to apply.