International Workshops

Our English workshop will concentrate on reading and writing in English with a focus on written expression and reading comprehension. Our students will work on small group discussions along with how to take good notes and outlining written assignments. We will have different levels of workshops with all students participating and being evaluated in the first 2 to 3 of the program beginning. The hope is that our students Will feel more supported to speak English and have more confidence in their English speaking abilities before school starts. This will give all students confidence when they enter the classroom on the first day of school.
This workshop will focus on problem solving as students explore topics from algebra, geometry, and data analysis. Mathematical vocabulary and proper notation will be emphasized. Students will learn how to make their reasoning visible to others, both by showing their work and explaining how they solve problems. This workshop will take place in small groups so that our students have support from our faculty along with other students. Students will start the school year as more confident problem solvers after taking this workshop.

Students will use the main floor of our library which will be a creative maker space. Within this space students will have the opportunity to learn and operate I will Lego robots Or learn to design and create using our 3-D printers. For those students looking for something a little different they will have the option to take part in a visual art workshop. This program will look at painting and drawing with some additional fun weekly themes to help and inspire our students.